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We work with companies who want to know what YOU think and feel about their products and services. They spend millions of pounds each year on consumer research to upgrade and make their product more attractive to their customers, YOU. They want to know what YOU think and they’ll pay YOU for it.



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Rocket Research brings you excellent recruitment solutions for all your research needs. All our recruiting is carried out on-site with our trained and experienced recruiters providing regular updates, controlling all aspects of recruitment to ensure high standards.

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Thanks so much for the great recruitment last night.  The researcher feedback was fantastic and she commented that everyone contributed.  Thanks again

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As well as getting paid for your participation, you'll experience real satisfaction of getting your voice heard. Your contribution can help to change government policy for the better, shape the products you love or improve services you regularly use. 

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You choose exactly which research projects you want to take part in. We'll contact you regularly with new opportunities and you can select which ones are of most interest to you. If at any point you want to leave our database, just let us know. It is as simple as that! 

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Are you looking to release a new product or service? Do you want to improve your existing product offering and invest in your future?

Then why not find out what your customers really think and carry out market research today!

We have built up an extensive database of respondents and use the latest technology to filter this data to ensure your strict criteria is met. We go the extra mile to find respondents for your project and keep you up to date on the recruitment process, so you are never left in the dark. This enables you to get the best participants for your study, to ensure you find out what your customers really think - future proofing your product, service and brand.

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This was commissioned by an international media platform. We had no margin for error as this was a new client and we had to be updated regularly throughout. We insisted on specific times daily for updates which meant that micro managing may have

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