With over 30 years experience in market research, we know how important it is to place people that accurately fit the client criteria. At Rocket Research we take time to fully understand your project, which will ensure you get high quality results and a return on your investment. 

Why hire us

We’re committed to helping you connect with your target audience, to make it easy to collect such valuable data, to power your insights and find you exactly the sample you’re looking for. Whether it be a new target, lost customers, loyal customers, or that elusive customer that is the “needle in the haystack,” Rocket Research will find them. We take pride in being able to find difficult target audiences, such as elderly people who do not leave the house, people with rare chronic conditions, or just people out of touch with today’s way of communicating (i.e. mobile phone, email, social networks).

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We will only contact you in regards to research projects where you match the criteria and therefore would have an interest in our study. We will pay you to participate. You can really help shape the brands you love, change products, services and policy for the better. Fill out our quick registration form today, to start earning money and to voice your opinion. 

Which brands we shape

We work with companies of all sizes; small businesses, multi-national brands -completing research for consumers and businesses alike. If you have a product, service or brand (or are looking to release a new product or service), we can help you. By finding out what your customers ideally want, you can ensure you spend your budget in the right areas and get the best return on your investment. We can write your screener, provide a host, organise non-traditional venues, in addition to recruiting the most-qualified respondents. We offer a la carte, or full service—the choice is yours.


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