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IDI's (In Depth Interviews)
This is a great way to get an in depth insight into what your customers really think.

​​​Telephone Interviews
Perfect for interview a large cohort of people who live in different areas. It is also a cost effective model, when getting your target demographic audience in one location is challenging.

ASTs (Assisted Shopping Trips)
Do you want to find out how consumers shop? Why they buy the products and brands they do? We offer assisted shopping trips to get the best insight on your audiences behaviour. 

Ethnography Studies
Take the time to study people, a great tool to understand cultural, social and lifestyle. Tear yourself away from the PC and immerse yourself into someone's life.

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We offer the most diverse range of respondents from our enormous database built over the last 30 years and covering the UK. Why not access our ROC (Reach out Campaigns) to help identify your toughest recruits, we can do it. Finding the right people to talk to is the key to a successful project, We are passionate about recruiting the best respondents, we love what we do.

​​​​​​​We don't just launch

We see the project to completion, we understand the importance of project management. All our projects are carefully managed by a dedicated project manager providing regular updates, attention to detail and creative solutions. You focus on the research, leave the recruitment to us.


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