Lovely Research Projects

This was commissioned by an international media platform. We had no margin for error as this was a new client and we had to be updated regularly throughout. We insisted on..

We booked this project in with Rocket and were conscious it would have to be managed sensitively as it concerned children’s safety online. We had strict restrictions on..

This was a really important project for us as it was a new client who had a very big spend so it was essential there was attention to detail. Timings were tight and quotas were..

We are a large social research agency with many demanding clients with very specific research needs, this project was particularly challenging as we had many quotas and all had..

We had a very specific patient research requirement, those that had peristomal skin complications which we knew would be very difficult to find as the numbers are low
in the UK.

We are a field agency and had struggled to place this research previously so very concerned that we would not achieve any results. The challenge was we required transgender..

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